Inspirational, stirring and memorable are some of the most frequently used words to describe the achingly beautiful instrumentals of cinematic pianist and Primetime Emmy Award-winning composer Carly Comando. It's been nearly five years since the release of her full-length debut One Take which includes the well-recognized track "Everyday" with a combined 100+ Million annual views across Youtube alone. On Dreamlife, Carly reaffirms her aptitude and skill for writing unforgettable piano-based instrumentals that are as perfect for the big screen as they are for personal enjoyment. Filled with compelling tracks like early favorites "Daydream" and "Dragonfly", Dreamlife runs the gamut from powerful to gentle and sweeping to sparse. A cathartic release of Carly's emotions, the new album was well worth the wait. You just can't rush perfection. 

Carly's well-recognized piano ballad "Everyday" from her debut One Take is the 70th most used song on Youtube, amassing over 300,000 views a day (110 Million views per year) on over 180,000 different videos. "Everyday" is the score to dozens of viral videos including One Photo A Day in the Worst Year of My Life (48 Million views), Noah Takes a Photo of Himself Every Day For 6 Years (26 Million views) and the theme song for the NBA's "Where Amazing Happens" campaign. Carly's music has been used in ad campaigns and television commercials for Amnesty International, The Pasteur Institute, The Simpsons, Petcurean, Vodafone, Canon, Channel 4 UK, Philips, Deka Bank, World Economic Forum and many others. Carly's new song "Daydream" was recently selected as the score for The United Way's 2015 national campaign.

Listen to Dreamlife here.